Ali Bin Ali

The Ali Bin Ali Holding is a privately
owned company with a heritage
that dates back to 1945.

Our roots began with a vision to provide quality international products and services to the people of Qatar. Today our holding is one of the largest retail and distribution companies in Qatar. We are also proud to say we have a long-standing reputation for building successful partnerships with the world’s leading brands across a diverse range of business activities. This success is born out of our unwavering commitment to the long-term development and strategic growth of not just our holding but also that of our partners.

Our knowledge of the market is unrivaled. That is what keeps us ahead in an environment of phenomenal growth in Qatar. The Ali Bin Ali Holding has evolved and grown in response to Qatar’s diversifying requirements.

As a holding, we thrive on innovation, which is the key to our consistent market share results and achievement awards. The Ali Bin Ali Holding operations are currently local but our standards are International. Our partners and competitors credit us with an impeccable reputation and with excellent public and private sector relationships.

But from our perspective our most important affirmation comes from customer satisfaction across each of our holding’s business divisions.

We are proud to say that the Ali Bin Ali Holding is financially sound and we possess a pristine reputation among our staff who stay long with us, our principals who enjoy doing business with us, retailers who prosper alongside us and our nation which recognizes us.